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For those unfamiliar with some of our products we offer these descriptions:

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 A minced salami product made from selected pork meat, it truly is a connoisseurs delight.

Pork belly which has been delicately spiced with salt. pepper and a touch of garlic.  Then it is rolled and stuffed
into a casing and dry cured to perfection.  This fine product is preferred to bacon by many fine restaurants in the preparation of Italian gourmet dishes.

A small dry sausage product made from selected pork meat slightly spiced with a touch of garlic to enhance the flavor of this fine specialty product.

Argentine Sardo
This cow's milk cheese from Argentina cheese borrows its name from a Sardinian sheep's milk cheese.  Argentine Sardo is a hard, sharp, salty grating cheese that enhances any pasta dish, adds flavor to a hearty soup or livens up your favorite medley of steamed vegetables.

Grana Padano
From Italy's Po Valley and is often called the "King Of All Cheeses." There are  reasons for this title,  its savory flavor,  and its history dating back to the eleventh century.

Fiore Di Sardenia
Initially, it was a copy of a Sardinian cheese called Fiore Di Sardenia, but over time it has developed a personality all its own
A Pecorino, this cheese is soft and greenish in color and obtained from whey of  sheep milk. It is a very palatable product.

Pecorino Romano
This slightly spicy, sharp, tangy sheep’s milk cheese gets increasingly robust with age. Its obvious uses are for grating over pasta, soups, vegetable dishes, and salads

Parmesano Reggiano
Celebrated for its signature savory and sweet flavor profile and the white-crystallized protein that contributes to its classic granular texture.

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